Reasons to Join

  1. Increase your expertise in processing veteran educational claims.
  2. Forum to facilitate the interchange of ideas and information.
  3. An opportunity to network with other professionals striving to constantly improve services to students.
  4. Current information on challenges and changes we will be facing together, and in the future.


Membership Information

  1. Full Membership shall be limited to educational institutions of higher learning and those offering non-college degree programs engaged in the administration of veterans educational benefits within the geographic areas served by the Muskogee Regional Processing Office.
  2. Authorized representative from institutions of higher learning and non-college degree schools shall be eligible for full membership.
  3. Each designated institution or school having full membership in good standing shall be entitled to cast one vote.
  4. Annual dues for membership shall be established by the Executive Board during the annual conference (set $100.00 to run July 1- June 30).
  5. Full membership status in good standing shall be acknowledged when dues are received and receipted by the Association treasurer.
  6. Only certifying officials of members in good standing shall be entitled to hold office in the association.
  7. Affiliate member status shall be granted to any organization, institution or agency that publicly attests to sharing an interest in education matters related to the Veterans Educational Benefits programs.
  8. Affiliate member status shall be conferred on a fiscal year basis and is renewable annually. Affiliate members may not hold office or vote.


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