Could you please explain free membership vs. organization membership?

Thank you for reaching out.  We are in the process of a renaming convention as the free membership vs organization membership is causing confusion.  The free membership is not really a membership, it’s just a WAVES account creation.  so we are looking to rename it to something more along the lines of user account or something of that nature.  It is linked to that user’s email for life, or they will have an option to delete their account.  The organization membership is the yearly membership that must be renewed each year if you would like to continue with membership privileges such as the registration discount and voting rights.  

Could you please explain the membership and registration costs?

There is the organization membership which is the yearly $100 membership for the organization, and there is the conference registration which costs $750.  If you sign up for the user account, you get a $10 discount on the conference registration bringing it down to $740, and if you sign up for the organization membership, you will get a member ID/discount code that may be used by everyone within your organization.  This $50 discount will bring your conference registration cost down to $690 (as you will need to sign up for the user account in order to apply the membership discount).  

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